Feels Good Man Online Screening with Skinner



Metal Midnight Madness w/ Filmmakers Arthur Jones & Giorgio Angelini hosted by Skinner

Friday, August 28
8:00pm PT / 11:00pm ET

A funny, trippy, and thought-provoking film about how the Internet transformed an unlucky cartoon frog, and then the rest of the world.

Plus the opportunity to buy a signed copy of Matt Furie’s new collection of artwork Mindviscosity available at checkout!



Spray Planet Shirt Release & Interview


Head over to Spray Planet if you want a shirt with a sick vampire doing a spray paint on the walls😎 I wish I looked like this person i drew on this shirt and yet every day I get further and further away from it. Anyways let’s not dwell on what we aren’t, let’s just hang out and draw vampires until we are too old and forget how!

There’s also an interview here.


Back Issues: Fred reveals his inner beast at his nephew’s birthday party

I made this short film to high light my love for the strange and beautiful social misfits and characters that gravitate towards comic shops like moths to a flame. I myself am one of these social misfits. I created it with a great animator in Ottawa, Canada, named Trevor Borrens. I created the monologue to exercise improvised monologues based on weird stories I had heard in comic shops and then I exaggerated the shit out of them….Trevor and I were going back and forth for 6 months and putting this together in a really cool collaborative way and then Mark Reategui helped me with editing and additional animation…I did the art based on the workers at Dr. Comics and Mr. games, whom I love very much. I encourage you to go support comic bookstores and be apart of the culture because it is very fun! Go buy some comics and be fun! peace.