Shrine Of Abominations Kickstarter

A stop-motion horror fantasy epic!

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It has been in secret production for 6 years, and is the culmination of two monster worshiping creatives‘ loyalty and love to Ray HarryhausenJack Kirby, horror films and weird cosmic stories of lost lore, demonic forces and monstrous entities from another dimension!We have been toiling for years to try and bring forth the greatest stop-motion monsterpiece of all time, but to get it finished, we need YOUR HELP! YOU are the key to the Shrine of Abominations universe! The creatures are howling to be set free, and you are integral to them wreaking havoc upon the silver screen! (And computer screen too!)

We are planning to make this first installment 30-45 minutes long, based on what more we can finish once we get the funding! The more money we get, the longer AND BETTER it will be! We brought in VFX/editing powerhouse, Kevin Fermini to help us finish this first chapter of the Shrine of Abominations universe, so it’s in good hands! Phil Tippett has assisted already and directed sections of the film, and we will have even more help from top animators at Tippett studios once it’s funded. Make no mistake, friends, THIS IS THE MONSTER MOVIE YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR! And we could not be happier to have you on this ride with us! This will be finished within 5-6 months of the Kickstarter ending!!

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