"Bold Blue Death"
24x36 inches of otherworldly fantasy!

Who knows what fell deeds this undead warrior hath wrought upon distant lands!! What black hearted god doth he serve!!! AND WHY??! All questions that will plague your mind as you stare forever more upon this outrageous ode to old school fantasy and nostalgia! This is my most ambitious screen print to date! Printed by the now legendary Monolith Press, this print will have your dad jealous! Created out of my love of old school illustrators and movie posters from the seventies, I wanted to make something that could inspire old school stoned out rockers as well as young stoned out rockers in training! WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE YA STONED OUT ROCKERS!! Dream heavy the ancient dooms that await your hero in the hell of oblivion!!

This print will be available Friday at Noon on my webstore:


"Grim Green Decay" VARIANT
(ComicCon Exclusive - Only available at Booth #5051)
24x36 inches of untold heretic rot


Here are the two prints side by side...


Black, silver, yellow, red and white sprays on fluorescent orange vinyl.. angry green chromatic eyes all hand painted by me with giant HEADER OF THE GODS!!

This limited run will start Friday June 27th and run until Sunday night June 29th or until the limited amount is spoken for..
You buy it off of www.shopcriticalhit.com
and they will be shipped out by July 4th
$250 for each and $20 domestic shipping $40 overseas..
All painted by yours truly..

AND as a bonus, all people that preorder get their names in the hat (digitally generated) to win a variant
KRAWLUSS.. THATS RIGHT! One of you lucky SOB's is going to also get this..


Set of lurkers in their natural poses, contemplating death, crawling ever silently, giving a piggy back to a young one, hiding, and crouching on a cyclops skull! All the things that a lurker does in it's time in between lurking on you and your family! Sculpted to size by the ridiculously talented David Arshawsky who knocks it out of the park every time! These 2 inch tall to 2.5 inch tall sculpted figures are unique reminders of a darker world just outside of our own.. There are 2 sets.. Glow in the dark and classic solid black! Created in conjunction with the ever innovative Unbox industries, headed by Dan Willett, a man who continues to take risks on me and my nightmare visions.. Once you hold these in your hand you will see how beautiful and strange the detail is.. 5 figures per pack!

Visit: http://shopcriticalhit.com/collections/toys

Well it had to happen! My mom wanted a cool new case for her phone, you know...something nice she can show around to her friends at the office...From having my art on the fridge to now on her phone...and YOU can also have my art on your INTERNET BOXES!! High quality cases that protect your internets or rad graphic skins that you can stick on..Check out the info and links below...

Deep in the vast blackness of space, devoid of any point of light that may come quickly as a tiny pinhole from many distant stars, can the celestial traveler be seen. Only in utter blackness does it reveal itself. Like the fish of earth, Darting here and there at the bottom of the ocean, whom are only seen slightly with the help of bio luminescence. The traveler is made invisible when any light is near, and there is light coming from many billions of stars and galaxies.. It is nearly never, that it's form is seen by the unwieldy bubbling suns and gaseous giants that sit perfectly in their cold vast cradle of eternity. Ever traveling, wandering in a beautiful exploitative pattern that must only make sense to the hidden universe! A pattern that makes sense to a human mind NEVER! To be ever alone floating massively in the form of a wild chromatic Titan! BEAUTIFUL!! and strange in a form of unending color and pattern only to be seen with the impossibility of being near it in some black corner that the cosmos forgot. Totally black. And still. Alone and blasting the senses more impossibly violent than a million ascending Novas that would defy REASON ITSELF! the celestial traveler is a being that exists only in theory and we may never know what it may know and even now, my horribly primitive rendering of what it could look like, is only an embarrassingly limited human depiction. No better than a monkey playing with a stick in some mud, to what it very well may seem, if only we were able.... To understand THE CELESTIAL TRAVELER!
45 available
26x39 inches
7 color silkscreen by monolith press
Black light reactive

Available Wedsnday April 2nd AT NOON on my webstore:

The cave crawler emerges from a dark corridor creaking and clicking as it smells your fear and trembling mind vibes! It cannot see as it has grown coldly in the dark stinking passageways of a forgotten wound in the earths crust! A DUNGEON MOST FOUL!! It's eyes may be white milky orbs of blind slime but it can feel your presence! A shambling and rotten skull atop stabbing arachnid legs, it is the worst thing that EVER HAPPENED!!
And it comes for you!

Available Wednesday March 19th! Noon pacific on the Ciritical Hit Webstore:

I wanted to make a figure that really encapsulated what a gross and super evil thing you would come across if you were in a dungeon under the earth.. The milky eyes are fresh water pearls and the baby was poured with a wire armature inside its legs.. They can move and the resin used is very pliable so it will not break. Hiro Hayashi cast them for me and they are super creepy! The wire armature interior skeleton was his idea as was the usage of the weird soft resin. I'm really happy with how it came out! I dry brush painted every one of these and coated them heartily with a wet slime sheen.

They all come with pieces of gory legs from a cave crawler that they have eaten. Cannibalistic tendencies and all! I painted the inside of every single box so that it would come with its own blood splattered dungeon cave..
You just cut off the excess flaps when you open it and there you go! Instant dungeon!

They are 8 inches across by 4-5 inches tall.. Limited to a run of 15.. These things are super bizarre and pliable and my first fully sculpted piece. They will be a $100 and they will go up for sale at noon on Wednesday March 19! They come with a header and a cave and some gross severed limbs. What else is there in life?
Purchase Here on the Ciritical Hit Webstore:


Here is The Frankenstein monster experiencing a vastly different fate than the one we know that ends in the book...I have decided to rewrite history in a bizarre amalgamation of the classic Frankenstein story and the Frankenstein from the japanese film, "Frankenstein conquers the world" In which the mopnster grows from a piece of Hitler's heart and continues to grow until he fights Baragon and then is eventually ripped into small pieces by a giant octopus...Those chunks would later become the Gargantuas but thats another story! lets get back to the topic at hand! FRANKENSTEIN BABY!!! Sketch book print release...I am proud to say that I am following up behind the legendary Bernie Wrightson with my sketch book release with 20 eyes co. 20 Eyes Co. do rad stuff and have a killer grasp on the great nostalgic vibes of a lost evil halloween child! Thats us guys! anyways...The prints are 2 color silk screen reproductions of my depiction of Frankenstein arising from his icy tomb, Irradiated with the residual radiation from an ancient comet...The story I wrote about it is here! An unofficial sequel!
Translated from the LOST FRANKENSTEIN SCROLLS! the first 20 orders get their own ancient version of the scroll...and as a bonus, we have found and bagged up small grisly and gruesome pieces of the Frankenstein monster! Found in the laboratory of the good Dr. Victor Frankenstein. Enjoy your gory bag of history as you read the Secret scroll!
The prints are a run of 95
16X20 sketchbook size 2 color silk screen
first 20 orders get a lost Frankenstein scroll and pouch of disgusting remnants...gristle, teeth, screws, hair! BLOOD!!! BLOOD OF A MONSTER!

The monster had been lost dreaming for years, hidden deep beneath glacial giants that moved methodically in the ancient rhythm of the earliest ice ages. Hidden secretly like some hideous immortal treasure, Frankenstein monster lies catatonic, the brain within his skull throbbing wildly, dreaming vividly of vast strange worlds that only a monster may dream.
He has been missing for decades, isolated in the coldest part of an unexplored world. Alone and reeling from the unnatural life that ought never to have drawn breath, the monster sleeps. But he did draw breath, and with that first taste of life came the torture of what it is to know! To be! Confusion burning chaos in a body of impossible origin! To stare through
burning eyes rooted firmly in cold green skin, and scream unnaturally through the throat of an abomination born! This! This thing that should not be!!! Asleep beneath cold depths of ice, the victim of uncertain footing and subsequent burial from glacial collapse. But the beast found solace in the relief from conscious thought. Here in his strange dream, could he find peace. And so he slept. His body frozen, kept perfectly encased in a tomb that had patiently waited millions of years to greet him. But something bizarre and unknown to the primitive Victorian mind stirred forgotten at the bottoms of this frozen tomb! There still creeping in the deepest unknown caves where the monster's body found rest, was the steaming vapor
remnants of cosmic radiation! A 65 million year old residual irradiated reminder of the comet that was responsible for wiping out all prehistoric cretaceous life! The comet that had killed all the vast lumbering giants of an ancient age now playing yet another role in the storied history of mad titans who were bound to walk this earth. The blanket of radiation found the sleeping body of the Frankenstein Monster. Two unnatural forces somehow joined miraculously in the most naked and lonely place on Earth. The irradiated mist began to curl itself slowly around the molecular structure of the
monster's frozen cells! His body absorbed the comet's radiation like a sponge. The body began growing and changing
exponentially beneath the ice! The creature's mind pulled from its odd peaceful dream. Consciousness came swimming back as the hideous frozen body grew and grew! The cells that absorbed the radiation collaborate to form a giant throbbing
massive whole of a man! A titan born! A mutation of an indescribable birth! Where Frankenstein's handling of modern
science once created a mockery of life, ancient cosmic science now amplified its horrific notion to an impossible degree! The creature rises through sheets of frozen waste, up! Up!! Creaking venerably, with the memory of a deranged mind! Revenge! Yes! Revenge against the one who made him! The one that meddled unyielding in the arena of the gods! Victor
Frankenstein! The one that screamed to the sky so many years ago as lightning shattered the silence of death! All at
once to give life to the stillness of a cobbled cadaver! The anger of his memory mixed wildly with the confusion of growing within this massive new frame. The fear of fire! The fear of man! Their contorted faces and tearing stabbing weapons had always kept him in the shadows of the night. How could retribution upon Frankenstein be carried out if he was trapped by the pink screaming villagers that come angrily as a horde? These familiar concerns race quickly through his mind, the clear arctic air, a backdrop against his heavy stinking breath. The titan smiles a rare twisting grin knowing there will be no more sulking in the shadows. No crippling fear of fire and no limit to the ungodly revenge that is about to be unleashed upon a sleeping world. Frankenstein Monster has risen again! A monument to Vengeance! Hundreds of feet tall and
freshly awakened, the invigorated new God looks down from his towering berth to see faintly, the outline of a small man and his fire. How strange it is, that Prometheus would defy the gods to bring fire to man, just as this small stranger would bring fire to him. The yelping of dogs tied to a sled catch his attention. Who is this that has come so far just to find their death? The monster's eyes focus on the figure, the last frozen bits of ice melting away from his eyes and hair. The cold green skin catching light from a far off sun. Now the crouching groaning goliath sees clearly that this new life has already chosen to fortune him quickly. The small figure below is none other than Victor Frankenstein himself!! Come to confront his lost creation, bringing closure to the wild loosing of a malevolent force. A malevolent force of his own scientific
obsession. Yes this chance meeting seems to fall nicely in line with the momentum of the monster's bizarre "luck." So many improbable stars lining up in his favor. A deadly celestial knife stabbing angrily towards the heart of man. In the halls of his shattered mind the monster ponders darkly the humor in this damned life. The cold irony of our universe strikes him thoroughly whilst grabbing and crushing the mortal below. Victor Frankenstein screams hoarsely, a cursed thrashing infant whose last known breath is interrupted by the popping crack of his tiny laughable bones. Dr. Victor
Frankenstein crushed thoroughly in the hand of his most infamous creation. And then, silence. The monster throws the
heap of hot red liquid, bones and shattered flesh into the hungry blue waves. He watches intently as the body quickly sinks into the depths of the freezing sea. Sharp arctic gusts blow his matted icy hair into his face. There is a sudden emptiness that grows in his heart. Realizing his one true adversary and motivation to destroy sits still on the ocean floor or in the belly of some stealth ancient predator, the newborn demi-god begins to shift and pull his weight out of the cave in which he stood. Lumbering slowly through the permafrost at the top of the world, the great suffering horror sets his sights on land. And man. As burning coals of white hot rage begin to grow within the furnace of his heart, there is only one thought that
continuously echoes in his mind, "They are my creators, but I am their Master!"

There may not be some cosmic score keeper sitting alone in the vast black ocean of space, tallying the deeds of men. But on this strange day in the middle of a pure northern waste, one could not help but be driven to wonder-- Is there something keeping track of our fate, our decisions, our mortal direction? A God? Some vast alien intelligence or the tide of galactic chance that now seeks vengeance upon us? Whatever it may be, whatever it is, it has most certainly turned its back on man, and most assuredly turned its favor unto monsters.

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